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About APV America Inc.

APV America Inc. is the U.S. subsidiary of a leading European developer and manufacturer of innovative agricultural equipment and implements for the international market. Our products improve the health of your farmland and increase harvest yields. We help you reduce fertilizer demand, water use, and soil loss/runoff. We provide high quality, cost effective implements with precision controls, including tined harrows with rollers, precision spreaders, and pneumatic cover crop seeders (air seeders) for reseeding, overseeding and interseeding. With capacities from 3.4 to 45.4 bushels, our pneumatic precision seeders will benefit small farms and large farms alike. Our PS 120, PS 200, PS 300, PS 500 and PS 800 have small footprints for easy mounting on any implement of choice. They can also be carried on our MT2 Machine Carrier to eliminate excess weight on your implement, making seeding of cover crops and other applications flexible, simple and convenient. Our PS 1200 and PS 1600 are ideal for larger applications. APV's control technology leads the industry, allowing precise control over seed application rates. All APV implements are ideal for organic and conventional farms, beef producers and dairies, smaller farms, and grassland, paddock, pasture, and forage management. Our products also are great for hay (grass and alfalfa) and forage producers, and grassland managers such as departments of transportation, school districts, and parks and recreation agencies. APV's GP and GK Series Tined Harrows with PS Series Pneumatic Seeders are capable of leveling, dethatching, weeding, aerating and seeding and ensuring seed to soil contact — all in one pass! These implements are great for dairy and cattle operations, as well as any producer who wants full stands of healthy forage. Our tined harrows serve well for overseeding existing grasses with a quality winter forage to extend your grazing season. If slugs are a challenge in your operation, APV's precision broadcast spreaders can help you address it. Our spreaders are suitable for a wide range of products including seeds and granular nutrients. Our ES 100 Special and ZS 200 can precisely distribute slug pellets at great distances while minimizing waste and ensuring accurate application rates. Our precision controllers make the job even easier, allowing for calibration of applications at specified field speeds. APV continually brings you new innovations offering flexibility, simplicity, and convenience, all of which provide increased productivity--saving agricultural producers and managers time, resources, and money.
Product Categories (6)
  • Drills, Planters & Seeders, Attachments
  • Forage, Hay Equipment
  • Horticultural & Landscape Equipment
  • Land Improvement, Land Management, Land Sales, Drainage, Tiling Equipment
  • Organic
  • Tillage Equipment & Accessories
Brands (6)
  • APV Technische Produckte GmbH
  • ES 100 Series Spreaders
  • GK Series Spring Tined Harrows with Rollers & Seeders
  • GP Series Spring Tined Harrows with Rollers & Seeders
  • PS Series Pneumatic Seeders
  • ZS Twin-Disc Spreader